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Cornell University. ILR School. Employment and Disability Institute

Course 2: Community Membership: Opportunities for Meaningful Interaction


Look at the five commitments that build community. Across a sheet of paper make each commitment a heading, or use the below table to help.

Anchors Allies Assistance Associations Agendas

Using a planning process you recently participated in, list the names of the people and their respective roles under the heading that best matches the relationship they have to supporting movement toward realizing the focus of the plan forward.

  • Are any headings left without representation?
  • Are most or all of the names listed reflective of staff members whose specific job title "matches" the support function?
  • Are there names of people listed who are not paid to be there and who are not part of the service organization?
  • How many anchors are there?

This activity lends insight into the degree to which a person is connected to natural and reciprocal communities. If the majority of supporters are people who are there because they are paid by the service provider to be in that role then community membership is lacking.