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Cornell University. ILR School. Employment and Disability Institute

Course 3: Self Determination


Paraphrased or quoted from John O'Brien in the videos "What is Self-Determination?" and "Putting Self-Determination Into Practice" (1997).

At the end of a full week of work with people who, with your support and assistance, are receiving services answer the following questions:

Weekly Self Audit

  • What have I done this week to support the people I work with to:
    • Establish their presence in their own community?
    • Participate in a variety of options of their own choosing?
    • Experiment with and attain positive social roles and reputations?
    • Discover ways in which they can contribute to community?
    • Experience opportunities to make choices about the way they are living life?
  • What have I done that was creative or innovative this week?
  • What have I done to support someone that was a result of their interests, without controlling or dominating them?