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Cornell University. ILR School. Employment and Disability Institute

Course 4: Common Threads Among Person-Centered Planning Tools


  1. Review the descriptions of each of the person-centered planning tools identified in this web-site.
  2. Try to identify at least one element that distinguishes the process you are reviewing from the other processes described.
  3. Divide a sheet of writing paper in half by drawing a line from the top to the bottom of the paper. In the left column make a list of the process you are reviewing and the unique characteristics/distinctions you have discovered about this tool.
  4. Think about the conditions under which this tool might be helpful in planning with a person. Write these conditions in the right column associated with this tool.

The purpose of this activity is to have you become familiar with the basic structure of each of the planning tools so that you are better able to describe the tools and their functions to help people who are considering using a person-centered planning process make a decision about which of the processes may best serve their purpose.