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Cornell University. ILR School. Employment and Disability Institute

Course 5b: Michael Smull's Essential Lifestyle Planning

Suggested Readings & Viewings

book icon Kendrick, M.  Integrity and Advocacy.
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book icon Lovett, H. (1996) Learning to Listen. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
Purchase at Paul H. Brookes Publishing

book icon O'Brien, J., O'Brien Lyle, C. (2002) Implementing Person-Centered Planning: Voices of Experience. Toronto, Canada: Inclusion Press
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book icon Smull, M., (1998). A plan is not an outcome.
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book icon Smull, M. & Burke Harrison, S., Person-centered planning and perversion prevention.
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book icon Smull, M., (1993). Positive Rituals and Quality of Life.
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book icon Smull M., Sanderson, H., & Burke Harrison, S. Reviewing essential lifestyle plans: criteria for best plans.
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